Jan Šuster

‘Honza’ (1982) is a Czech cinematographer. He grew up in a family with a deep tradition in art and film. He studied at the Václav Hollar Secondary School of Art, where he learned numerous techniques, from printmaking and drawing to sculpture. In the end his interests took him elsewhere: to photography. From that point on it was easy to exchange still images for moving ones, and in 2003 he was accepted at FAMU, majoring in cinematography. After graduation, he started to devote himself fully to his chosen profession, which he finds truly fulfilling and enjoyable. As a cinematographer, he worked on the feature films Promlčeno (2022), Řekni to psem (2022), Marťanské lodě (2020/21), Jan Palach (2018), Ghoul (2015), Cesta do Říma (2015) and the TV series HPI (2022), Sever (2019), Zkáza Dejvického divadla (2018), and Život a doba soudce AK (2017).

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