Petr Smělík

Petr (born 1985) is a documentary filmmaker, editor, and director. He graduated from the Zlín Film School. For more than 17 years, he has edited original documentaries, television shows, and documentary series, including EXPO po česku, Popstory, Na programu televize, and Neobyčejné životy. The series Uzamčený svět, on which he worked as an editor, won the  Česká radost Award at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in 2018. His directorial debut, the medium-length documentary Rok na dědině, won the main prize at the Acampadoc Panamá festival in 2020. His other works include První máj (2023) and Chasing the Wada Dream (2023). Petr is interested in stories both serious and cheerful, about enthusiasm and determination. Stories that are human, and above all, inspiring.

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