Vít Zemčík

Vítek (1986) is a motion designer, educator, and theorist. He studied digital media and communication studies at Masaryk University in Brno, and completed an internship in visual communication in Drammen, Norway. He started gaining experience in motion design in 2010 at Czech Television, where he worked on the graphic design of shows on its sports channel, as well as projects such as Musicblok and Velikáni filmu. After a few years, he moved to London’s Mainframe studio to work for multinational media clients such as Fox, MTV and Virgin Media. After returning to Prague, he started to work at the Oficina studio, with whom he won awards such as the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards Gold, Czech Grand Design and the Slovak National Design Award for his successful projects. Since 2015 he has co-organised the annual Mouvo motion design conference as a dramaturg and moderator, and works at the Scholastika private secondary school as a senior lecturer in motion design. He specialises in vector animation and kinetic typography. He made full use of his personal style for the opening sequences of the TEDx and TypeTalks conferences, for which he was nominated twice as a finalist in the prestigious European Design Awards.

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